The Inspection service is unparalleled to even Western country snag standard report.The report the team provides is of exceptional quality and I could see all

Siddhartha Sahoo Flat F-152 Asstez Marq, Bangalore

Team did a detailed check Good

Ravindran R Flat -I-802 Salarpuria satva east Crest , Bangalore

Pretty Good work ,They were punctual

Narayana Swamy Flat - C044 Assetz marq , Bangalore

Good & professionals

Animesh Tripathy Flat - G1301 Durga patels , Bangalore

Overall service is good

Bhaskar Flat - C071 Assetz marq , Bangalore

Your service are good .I am satisfied.The major snags were explained to me

Kush Bapat Flat - A123 Assetz marq , Bangalore

Very good service& detailed inspection checked flat throughly for all snags

Ashish Goel Flat - D2-081 Snn raj etternia , Bangalore

The overall service was excellent,They provided details of issue clearly & very specifically

Swati Nair Flat - J404 Salarpuria satva east Crest , Bangalore

Inspection was done effectively&I am satisfied with the inspection method & procedure

Ratheesh kumar Flat - B-031 Assetz marq , Bangalore

Appreciate the punctuality & Professionalism of the engineers .The instruments used were helpful to find out internal defects

Alok Mishra Flat - G701 Salarpuria satva east Crest , Bangalore

There was detailed checkon snags & they workEnough time to find all snags excellent work

Sakhti dev Flat - E022 Assetz marq , Bangalore

Very detailed &good work

Abhijeet das Flat - B-502 Salarpuria satva east Crest , Bangalore


Prajwal Nayak Flat - C1505 Purva west end , Banagalore


Vinet Rastogi Flat - E-402 Salarpuria satva east Crest , Bangalore

This was first experience of this kind &defenately found major cracks& other plumbing issues which we couldn't look in our visit.I would recommended this to

Nitin Flat - 48 Rohan ashima , Bangalore

very good& prompt service .The service was done in systematic 7 professional manner

C R Sathyanarayan Flat - 40 Bluejay malgudi , Bangalore

Good work,very Helpfulgave interesting Inputs

Pracheesh godde Flat - 140202&110203 Shriram summitt , Bangalore

Suhas has done a great job

Asok v menon Flat - K-061 SJR palazza city , Bangalore

Good service

Royston xaries fernandes Flat - T1A2303 Mahindra Windchimes , Bangalore

Like our previous inspection @ Row ,whitefield todays inspection @assetz marq we had nice experience,all the inspectors were professional as usual

Deepali Pawar Flat - G-052 Assetz marq , Bangalore

It has been awesome service really impressed with achyut & hid dedicator .he has done thorough job

Bhasham krishna Flat - 3073 Prestige west wood , Bangalore

Happy with overall process conducted in our flat …Teamare resposiable & experienced

Ashish vedant Flat - 3283 Prestige Lake side Habitat , Bangalore

Very professional service right form my friend call with megha till the inspection by mr suhas & krishna .Hope to see the final detailed report

Kishore Vasabathuala Flat - 15093 Prestige Lake side Habitat , Bangalore

Execellant service & on time .

Sneha Flat - B1102 DNR Reflection , Bangalore

Very smooth process for initial discussion to inspection

Arvind J Flat - A-401 DNR Reflection , Bangalore

Its been good to get your service.i have known Anp through my profession earlier.Good to know about the on think

D Sreesha Sobha valley view , Bangalore

Also expected eiring to be tested,also expected area to be checked , otherwise satisfied

Sajo Mathews Flat - A2502 Brigade Exotica , Bangalore


Abhinav varma Flat - F935 Brigade north Ridge , Bangalore

small small details are taken care.This gives us confidence in the work done .

Amit agarwal Flat - V3 Lake side heights , Bangalore

Overall it is a good service on checking & Methodological inspection

Deepak Marigouda Flat - E-304 Salarpuria satva east Crest , Bangalore

Seems everything good & engineers took all the dameged photos & noted all points ,Overall ngood

Hariprasad Flat - A-904 Salarpuria satva east Crest , Bangalore

very through fantastic customer service

Kiran jumani Flat - 30504 Bharatiya city nikoo homes , Bangalore

Detailed survey,good interaction & communication

Sanveer Flat - D4-053 Snn raj etternia , Bangalore

Friendly staff

Saravana rajan Flat - 54293 Prestige falcon city , Bangalore

Very good insight from veteran professionals. Clearly there was a lot of value in the PDI

Rony Nandy & Sohini NCC Urban Ivory Heights, Bangalore

Professional Work Ethics & Processes; very Collaborative & Patient; Systematic Execution & Eye for details; Good Team work & Technical Expertise. Over all Very Good

Danny Pinto Soul Space Arista, Bangalore

Very Professional, Awaiting report

Abhishek Rungta Flat - A 208 Alembic Urban Forest, Bangalore

Very satisfying and re-assuring, before taking possession of the flat, the checklist is comprehensive & helps to check the snags

Srikanth Flat - OA 905 Parkwest, Bangalore

Excellent service by Achyut, very through

Prasad A R Flat - 1023 Sobha Valley View, Bangalore

Timely and up to date.

Sanjay Chanani Flat - D 101 Ozone The Metrozone, Chennai


Rakesh Flat - 1194 Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Bangalore

Consultant look good. Waiting for the report and comments.

Rohit Kudukuli Flat - MB 1802 Parkwest, Bangalore

The procedure was carried out in a professional & systematic manner. Waiting for the report. Thank you for your services.

Swati Agarwal Flat - H0246 DivyaSree Republic Of Whitefield, Bangalore

Good experience from booking the service till execution. The engineers were experienced & carried out a detailed inspection.

Kshitij Pande Flat - C 510 SJR Primecorp Parkway Homes, Bangalore

Suhas checked every minute details of the flat ranging from hollow tiles to the wall dampness. I found the inspection very detailed.

Man Mohan Vyas Flat - NO777 DivyaSree Republic Of Whitefield, Bangalore

I liked very much the closing comments and emphasis on important points.

Satish Flat - 4.7.6 Shriram Chirping Woods, Bangalore

Very professional & courteous in the service. They have proper tools to check all the items/service mentioned in their handbook.

Joseph Flat - D 703 The Five Summits Address, Bangalore

Professional service and well executed job.

Shreyank M B Flat - Mulberry C 1305 Parkwest, Bangalore

Person, deputed has been seem to be sincere. More comments may be offered after receipt of complete report.

Asiskumar Haldar Flat - F 502 Ozone Serene Urbana, Bangalore

Good, let us see the report.

Kiran Kumar G Flat - F 1302 Valmark Aastha, Bangalore

Satisfied with inspection process

Shivakumar G B Flat - F 1303 Arvind Sporcia, Bangalore

Your company two staffs (Achyut & Shridhar) inspected my flat D1001. Inspection is satisfactory.

D B Dinesh Flat - D 1001 Arvind Sporcia, Bangalore

Team is good and patient.

N Hariharan Flat - C22105 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Overall service was good and helpful  

Lajit Karakkat Flat - D19106 Purva Windermere, Chennai


Shivaranjani Chelladurai Flat - F 703 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Overall I am happy with the level of detail checkup. Money well spent.

Siddhartha Singh Flat - A 601 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

I will recommended your services to other owners. Good and comprehensive minute details have been checked. I am happy about the service.

Sohan D Souza Flat - G 102 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Good experience so far. Quick and effortless follow-ups for appointment. Enough details provided in the proposal. Staff is courteous. Checks in the flat are thorough.

Abhijit Malaviya Flat - D 402 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore


Abhinav Gupta Flat - F 203 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Inspection has been done thoroughly prompt service. Quick and responsive.

Soumava Nandy Flat - G 902 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Engineer have handled the inspection in the defined manner. They are using high quality devices of all the monitory.

Maphil Philip Flat - D 1102 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

It was good

Gaurava Saxena Flat - E1102 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Very professional & thorough

Tapan Totla Flat - F 001 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore


Nilesh Kumar Flat - G 603 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Good. Got to know a lot of defaults like hollow tiles and seepage issues which are not visible otherwise.

Sudarshana Flat - F 404 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

The team was meticulous in their approach and noted down the issues including minor one. Overall I am very impressed.

Pavan Rai Flat - E 303 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Achyut is very good in explaining things. He did a neat work and gave a proper explanation.

Avinash Mahapata Flat - F 503 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Professional Approach. Good customer engagement.

Reebu Varghese Flat - D801 The Five Summits Address, Bangalore

Inspector has done a good and detailed job.

Poonam Flat - 13034 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Good service and the people came on time and know their job. Its a boon to have such services. Since most of us are busy

Kishore Joshi Flat - B 403 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Thorough inspection. Good response from Nemmadi every time. Happy with the inspection.

Amit Kumar Saxena Flat - 15133 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Good service. Very nice team, special mention to Divya.

Roshni Sharma Flat - E 0230 Divyasree Republic of Whitefield, Bangalore

Good extensive job-well done. Keep it up.

Kasiraj Flat - D18504 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Prompt responses to enquires. Professional engineering approach and Engineers did excellent job.

Preethi & Anand Ganesh Villa - 225 Pacifica Aurum, Chennai

Very good Communication, Punctual, Good Approach. Overall very much satisfied.

F.Grey Michael Stanely Flat - D185021 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Overall good findings. Good and prompt service. Experienced team, patiently explained everything.

Abhishake Jha Flat - E 1001 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Very good. They spend lot of time and checked each and every item in detail

Senthil Kumar G Flat - D18406 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Service seems to be Ok, but can be judged only after going through the report, which is expected soon. Overall I am satisfied with the

Subramaniam N Flat - C21603 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Impressed with the details of checking and its use. A nice experience with Nemmadi, thanks.  

Senthil Nathan Flat - D19102 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Good and Satisfactory.

Radhakrishnan R Villa - 307 Pacifica Aurum, Chennai

Satisfactory so far, waiting for final inspection report.

CAPT Gurbaj Singh Villa - 309 Pacifica Aurum, Chennai

Very good, detailed inspection done. Thank you

Krishna K P Flat - D18703 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Very professional service

Anshul Agrawal Flat - 21305 Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes, Bangalore

Were at work right when they came. on time detailed job. Keep up the good work

Sandeep Kopuri Flat - A 202 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore


Bhawna Agarwal Flat - F 603 Sattva Laurel Heights, Bangalore

The experience was overall good. All the main issues are almost identified according to my knowledge.

Nikhil Pavithran Flat - A 102 Aravind Sporcia, Bangalore

Great service. The person was quite proficient.

Arnab Maji Flat - G 702 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Very Good. Click here to view the video testimonial.

D Logarajan Villa - 16 Pacifica Aurum, Chennai

Very professional and thorough. Impressive diligence

Ramnarayan V G Flat - C21103 Purva Windermere, Chennai


R Aarthi Prasad Flat - C18105 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Very Good

Dr. Sunil Suresh Flat - C20204 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Overall the service was professional and meticulous.

A Senthil Kumar Flat - C20105 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Very detailed and professional

Bhabani Sankar Pradhan Flat - C22206 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Met our expectation and good service.

Premkumar Subramanian Flat - D17303 Purva Windermere, Chennai

The staff are very patient in carrying the inspection work and team done very detailed inspection. Happy with the service

Devanandh Flat - D11 - 403 & 603 Purva Windermere, Chennai

Overall experience was very good. Very professional staff and helpful.

Vishal Singh Flat - 1023 Prestige Jade Pavilion, Bangalore

Very friendly, Methodical, Enthusiastic team. Experience has been pleasant.

R J Sham Sunder Independent Villa, Bangalore

Overall service is good during physical inspection of property, well qualified people. Good job.

Sunny Naik Flat - 42004 Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes, Bangalore

Very good Engineer, good knowledge and behavior

Charles George Sam Flat - D 406 Alembic Urban Forest, Bangalore

Excellent, calm and quiet

Adesh Shetty Flat - 801 A Block Salarpuria Sattva Aspire, Bangalore

Punctual and Satisfactory

R Lalitha Flat - COLDERA D-202 TATA Value homes Santorini, Chennai

Very thorough and professional.

Nupur Aggarwal Flat - 2112 Sobha Petunia, Bangalore

The inspection staff was prompt, on time and polite. Inspection was thorough, well estimated, time was also pretty accurate to complete inspection.

Shikha R Joseph Flat - 61101 Bhartiya City, Bangalore

Flat nicely and thoroughly checked. Looking forward to the report. Thanks!

Sumanta Datta Flat - 1302 H M Symphony, Bangalore

Very Good.

Jayendra Rao Flat - 91 Bangalore

I am really impressed with the team, the way they were going and inspecting in detail, spending enough time. Thanks a lot.

Pavan Kumar Vemu Flat - 10122 Purva Seasons, Bangalore

Excellent & Calm.

Adesh Shetty Flat - 801 Salarpuria Sattva Aspire, Bangalore

Good & Firmly.

Parag Flat - A 525 Palm Groves, Bangalore

Experienced and Organized way of choking. Dedication and hard work done during flat inspection investigation.

Pawan Kumar Flat - J 704 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Looks very professional in the process, and the way interacts with customers and pinpoint each defect on the work is also appreciable. Overall good firm

Mahesh C Flat - J 1404 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Very thorough inspection was very happy and satisfied. Waiting for report. Keep up the good work!

Girish Flat - J 501 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Detailed inspection, Very meticulous in detailing.

Suma Varghese Flat - J 902 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Good Job. Comprehensive Report Format.

Swapnil S Kole Flat - A 703 Laurel Heights, Bangalore


Murali C P Flat - A 0104 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Nice People, Very Cooperative. Keep up the good work.

Natesh B N Flat - C 603 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Nemmadi we got the reference from our society and contacted them. When people visited from Nemmadi are very professional and polite to customer, I feel

Arun Pandey Flat - C 503 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

We are happy with the way all the activity was carried on.

Silj Jose Flat - F 604 SSLH, Bangalore

Satisfied in all respect.

Manu Flat - I 1004 SSLH, Bangalore

Very good work. Satisfactory.

Maheshwar Hegde Flat - F 801 SSLH, Bangalore

Found executree good in their job. Work divided properly and all concerned areas were identified. Overall a good experience.

Piyush Tiwari Flat - A 502 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Great Team! Please continue the good work!

Sharath S Flat - C 304 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Good. You have well metrics.

Nijalingayya R.M Flat - F 204 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Good service and thorough analysis. We look forward to a detailed analysis report.

Madhav Shenou P Flat - I 602 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

Good people and nice work.

Rakesh Flat - J 303 Laurel Heights, Bangalore

The company and the executives came to inspect was very cooperative & did a good job in finding snags.

Sumit Dutta Flat - 15056 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Pleasant experience with Mahesh. He patiently performed thorough inspection.

Niti Joshi Flat - 9092 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Inspections work was done satisfactorily.

Krishna R Flat - 10122 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Good Inspection.

Mohesh & Nisha Flat - C 501 The Five Summits Addresses, Bangalore

Inspection was done in all levels(W.r.t covering all aspects in the flat). Overall service was very good.

P.B.Karthikeyan Flat - D 101 The Five Summits, Bangalore

Excellent Professionals

Lalit Gupta Flat - D 104 Five Summits, Bangalore

Good experience so far with the inspection team.

Sumit Anand Flat - E 301 Five Summits, Bangalore

The team is absolutely professional. I am glad I got things inspected through them very courteous and professional team who doesn't cut any corners and

Inderpreet Makkar Flat - A 201 The Five Summits, Bangalore

Very detailed and meticulous.

Navin Bhat Flat - O 102 Jain Heights East Parade, Bangalore

Very professional, timely, soft spoken staff. Technically good, evaluate all techs points.

Vandana Patankar Flat - 20082 Prestige Ferns Residency, Bangalore

It was good.

Anand Sharma Flat - 8034 Prestige Ferns City, Bangalore

Great detailed and meticulous approach to the inspection. The explained what each of the identified issues were and the challenge if not rectified.

Abbey Thomas Flat - 7084 Prestige Ferns Residency, Bangalore

Happy with the inspection, will wait for report before commenting further.

Brijesh Assetz East Point, Bangalore

It was all good.

Pratik Kumar Flat - G 1243, E 1028 ROW, Bangalore

Thanks for doing detailed inspection. Eagerly awaiting for report & recommendation.

Deepak Flat - 223 Bellezea, Bangalore

Diligent team & through inspection.

Kishore V Konakanchi Flat - 180 Bellezea, Bangalore

The team was very commitment and to my opinion they have done very detailed work. Experty the reports overall excellent work from the team so

Velmurngan A Villa - 11 Arum Villas Pacifica, Chennai

Good, Professional Service. Explained Issues seen.

Sudy Kumar Flat - 75 Mantri Courtyard, Bangalore

I would say team has patiently gone through all the details and have done a good job.

Vikas Mourya Flat - B 602, B 604 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Good Service.

Vinay Gudur Flat - D 502 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Very good experience and smooth handling right from the initial stage. You guys worked professionally.

Kiran Kumar Flat - D 503 Rohan Iksha, Bangalore

Visited the flat and checked all the electrical and Civil fittings. Overall performance is excellent.

Rohith Sudhakar Flat - 1446 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Very meticulous, Appreciative of needs. Way to go.

Parag Ray Flat - A 525 Palm Groves, Bangalore

De-snag Inspection: Your staff is very good and they know their job well. Inspection was done in a professional way. Been telling people about the

Rupa Garrett Flat - 2014 Sobha Palladium, Bangalore

Good so far, after report will advise.

Anupta Das Flat - 16122 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Service is Good. Very Good.

Krishna Rudraiah Flat - 10122 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Extensive and Thorough

Suren Flat - 8073 Assetz East Point, Bangalore

Very Professional and thorough job of Inspection. Happy and Glad that I Used this service

Thomas Kuncheria Prestige White Meadows, Bangalore

Service is very good and the equipment’s used for testing the defects are worth it.

Raghavendra C Flat - C 0617 Divyasree Republic Of Whitefield, Bangalore

Overall service was good.

Latika Singh Flat - 15046 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Very co-operative staff. Very pleased by the patience.

Foram Shah Flat - D 902 The Five Summits Address, Bangalore

Very Professional and thorough quality of services provided. They went the extra mile to accommodate inspection on a very tight schedule. Really Impressed.

Shomrit Banerjee Flat - C 701 J R Garden Retreat, Bangalore

Happy so far.

Vijaya Warrier Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

Excellent and in-depth work.

Vidya Flat - B 103 The Five Summits Address, Bangalore

Professional, thorough and diligent.

Kamalanand Flat - D 1604 Vaishnavi Terraces, Bangalore

The team is very professional and patient to answer all my doubts. Few requirements were not ready when they started the work but they waited

Kuldeep Kumar Flat - D 703 Jain Heights East Parade, Bangalore

The person who did inspection had very good knowledge and thanks for assigning him and helping us.

Naganathan Shanmuganathan Flat - 3043 Prestige Ferns Residency, Bangalore

Inspection has been done nicely, will wait for detailed report on time.

Vivek Kumar Jain Heights East Parade, Bangalore

The engineer had verified and showed the maps in the finishing etc.was knowledgeable and efficient in works.

B.Ramachandra Flat - B 801 Jain Heights East Parade, Bangalore

PDQI Was Carried Out Very Professionally.

Rupa Garrett Flat - 2014 Shoba Palladian, Bangalore

Thorough inspection Done On The Apartment Gives Peace Of Mind To Owners.

Sivarama Krishna Sumadhura Pranavam, Bangalore

The Person Looked Professional And Had Enough Expertise.

Linga Murthy Flat - 16144 Prestige Transquality, Bangalore

I Am Satisfied,Keep Up The Good Work

Ashok Pandey Flat - C 701 Jain Heights East Parade, Bangalore

It was conducted well. I am satisfied with Vishwas work. I am working for the report. He is very friendly and made a detailed inspection

Sushanta Bhattacharyya Flat - 3037 Prestige Tranquility, Bangalore

We Came To Know Nemmadi, In Through My Colleague Then When We Took The Apartment We Made Use Of Nemmadi But Worth Giving Money For

Arogya Mary Arogya Mary, Bangalore

A Real Estate purchase is typically a large ticket and important purchase. The value and Service provided by Nemmadi team ensures that all required due

Varun Girilal Stonehenge, Hyderabad

Professional team with good knowledge on Civil, Structure etc… Patient team, who took enough time to conduct the tests

Sridharan Seshadri Flat - 8054 Assetz East Point, Bangalore

I Was very happy with services of Nemmadi. The Consultants were very Useful.

Kiran Sundarrajan Mantri Serenity, Bangalore


Abhinav Verma Flat - F 935 Brigade Northridge, Bangalore

Very smooth process from initial discussion to inspection

Arvind J Flat - A 401 DNR Reflection, Bangalore

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