Automated Inspection Managment System

Automated Inspection Management System

An application of IT for increased productivity in Civil Engineering
“AIMS has proven in projects to Reduce the cost of Inspection and reporting by about 66% and also save the time involved for inspection by about 87%.”

In construction industry, the accepted practice is to control the processes, be it Quality management or Safety audit, using paper checklists. Data is collected through these checklists and visual images are captured through a camera and sufficient time is spent on computer system collating the pictures with right descriptions to prepare meaningful reports using spreadsheet or word processing software. Then these reports are dispatched to all stakeholders which in total, is a time and effort consuming process. The action taken by the recipients of the report, has to be reported back after compliance, involving similar amount of time and effort. Further these reports are stored away in separate files on the system and any statistical analysis on the data captured is not easily possible.

Automated Inspection Management System (AIMS) developed by team Nemmadi has solution for all the short coming of manual process described above and has many more additional features, to serve as tool for Management Information System (MIS). This is a very versatile cloud based application where Central console works on any browser in Windows/Mac/iOS/Linux and data capture is done using the Android based Phone App.This system is environment friendly resulting in saving tons of paper and conveniently operated on a mobile phone.

This App has the following useful features which help in an organisation’s areas of work:

  • Using any given checklist, easily collects data of Inspection, Status reports, Audit reports etc., which are easily collated and reports are generated instantaneously.
  • Collected data can be used for Quality management, Process improvement, Root cause analysis of issues and many more analytics in Project management
  • This system serves as Management Information System (MIS), helping as Decision support, increasing the efficiency of operation and facilitates collaboration among all stake holders.
  • It enables senior Professionals to monitor multiple projects remotely, utilizing time productively and minimizes travel.

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