Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Associations taking over from builders: Lessons to learn

In a remarkable move, ADDA, a leading apartment management software company, is organizing a Learning Session on Builder to Apartment Association Handover.

24 June 2022

Maintenance charges: What are you paying for?

Buying a home comes with a slew of charges, maintenance charges being one of them. This maintenance fee is paid monthly or annually by the owners/tenants...

21 Dec 2020

The Leader Behind an admirable Company

BUSINESS CONNECT consists of an editorial board drawn from a variety of specialization to cover stories from each section of society. The te...

21 Sep 2019

Buying a house? You might want to rope in a private home inspector

A bunch of new companies are offering to check for cracks, leaks, hidden flaws before you commit to a real-estate purchase.

13 May 2019

Event alert: Best practices for associations as builder hands over a new apartment building

The handover process with all its financial, operational and technical aspects can be hard to nail down. Yet, it is the most pressing challenge as an association...

24 June 2022

Swalekhan: Empowering The Visually Impaired To Write

Empowering The Visually Impaired To Write A batch of around 15 students from Taramati Bafna Blind School of Aurangabad gave their first unit test on their own.

22 Aug 2020 To most of us owning a home is the epitome of success

Nemmadi assures homebuyers ‘get what they paid for and pay for what they get’. Nemmadi is a ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) word, which aptly describes, what a client looks for while buying a Home.

13 Aug 2019

Call in the home inspectors!..

As inspection specialists assist consumers to check the quality of the house before they take possession, developers have started to rely on third party audits of completed projects before...

18 Aug 2021

Do a quality check at possession

From missing square feet to leaks and bad slopes, a host of organisations now provide pre-delivery quality checks. In this edition of The Property Show,...

11 Oct 2019

How this 30-year-old construction company is ensuring safer homes with its home inspection startup

If you happen to buy a property in the US, one of the first things you would do even before signing the deal is get a home inspection done. This is to ensure homes,...

19 July 2019

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