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dSnag !

Why is this feature laden software offered as free App?

We would like to empower DIY enthusiasts and encourage them to inspect their homes all by themselves. We hope this experience will make them appreciate our expertise.

Do I require your authorisation to download and use?

Not at all.
You may just download it on your Android phone from Google playstore and use it.

My house plan is different than others, so how do I use it?

Once you download and install, you get easy to understand instructions to configure the app to your house floor plan before starting the inspection.ame.

What if I don’t understand certain terminology displayed in the App?

All checklist points are in simple and easy to understand language. At some of the technical points there is explanation in simple terms to make everything understandable.

Will it cover all the required points to check?

It covers most of the points which are required to check and which can be checked by a person without much technical knowledge. The number of checkpoints are definitely limited and does not replace an in-depth inspection.

Will this App replace an inspection by professional?

We have listed all the important check points to make the inspection by App meaningful.

However it cannot substitute for:

  • the vast experience of a professional
  • inspection using professional equipment
  • in depth inspection using more check points (1500+ points)
How can I avail professional inspection, if required?

You may do it through in-app purchase while using the App. Further our technical team will take you through the process.

Can I share the report with my friends and contacts after the inspection?

You can share it through email, WhatsApp and all other options available in your phone.

How accurate is the area measurement done using the App?

Accuracy of area measurement in the app depends on:

  • Your height entered correctly

  • Your posture in holding the phone at constant height while viewing different corners

  • Not shifting your feet position on the floor during entire measurement process

  • Accuracy of matching the cross hairs with the corner while measuring

Any deviation in the above will affect the accuracy of measurement.

Home Inspection

Why do we need Home inspection?

When a customer is asked by a developer/builder to take delivery of the house/flat/villa, a Pre-delivery Quality inspection (Home Inspection) must be performed. This inspection not only ensures that house is in 100% perfect condition for the customer to move in, but also ensures that builder has met all his obligations in specification as well as quality of finished home.

It is necessary to have a Home Inspection?

Yes it is. A Home Inspection is one of your first opportunities to view your completed home.

Any item that is damaged, incomplete, missing or not operating properly should be noted to verify that these conditions existed prior to occupancy.

If something not installed or completed, the Home Inspection helps you to demand from your builder.

What is the use of Home Inspection? I

It helps to know your home better &have peace of mind (Nemmadi). This also avoids getting rectifications done at your cost after taking over, that too messing up an occupied home while rectifying.

What are areas covered under Home Inspection?

Home Inspection covers architectural, civil engineering, plumbing, electrical, Housekeeping, safety and workmanship quality aspects.

How do you ensure that no points are missed during checking?

We follow an elaborate checklist covering 1500 + points gathered over three decades of our experience handling variety of projects.

Correction /Changes suggested? How?

This being a visual report, in most of the observations the description is self-explanatory leading to rectification. In complex issues, detailed suggestions will be given.

Does the cost of Home Inspection depends on built-up area?

Yes, the cost depends on the built-up area of the house/apartment. For villas external surfaces and points are checked and involves a little additional cost.

Do we get the Home Inspection done even for Industrial/commercial buildings also?

Yes. We have the expertise.

Do we get suggestions for interior design also?


Who will conduct inspection?

A team of trained professionals with an eye for quality will be conducting the Home Inspection using advanced instruments and gadgets.

Will the inspection done for vaastu compliance?

No the inspection is not for vaastu compliance. It is done on engineering aspects.

Is Inspection done based on the photographs mailed or by visiting the property?

Inspection will be done by visiting the property preferably in presence of Builder & Client.

Do you inspect during construction?

Yes, we do. This will be termed as quality monitoring during execution of a project.

How many days are required for Inspection ? when will we get Reports?

Typically inspection takes about 4 to 5 hours for 3 BHK apartment. The duration increases with increase in the built up area. The report will be sent by 4th working day after completion of inspection.

Does Nemmadi.in inspect only the newly built houses / Flats?

Nemmadi.in services are offered to both Primary market i.e. newly built houses/ flats/villas as well as Secondary market i.e. houses/ flats/villas for resale after use.

How will the client be charged?

Charges will be based on the Built-up area of the dwelling and as per the slab rates published on the website

Do we have to choose the complete package or any part of it example; only the Civil part or only the Plumbing part?

You can choose any part or combination thereof. However, choosing complete package will be most economical than in part as the overheads will be same.

What is the information to be shared before scheduling an inspection?

On enquiry, we will be sending a format of “Request for Information” (RFI) which you have to return filled, the completed RFI contains all the information we need to proceed further.

What are my obligations for going ahead with inspection of my property?

The Client will provide the ‘Built up area’ statements, Floor plan and Specifications of your flat that needs to be inspected
The Client shall ensure all the debris and construction materials have been cleared from the flat that is to be inspected
The Client shall ensure that, the Water supply and Power Supply are operational in the flat

What else should be provided by me to conduct the inspection?

The Client shall provide all the necessary drawings, documents / specifications of the property to the Nemmadi.in for us to verify the findings vis-à-vis the specification and to make a comparative report

Should I be present for the inspection?

It is desirable for you or your representative to be present for the inspection. However if you or your representative cannot be present, you may authorize us through email (format will be shared) with due concurrence from CRM team of builder and we will go ahead.

Any other facilities required for inspection of Villas / Bungalows

As they involve checking of external walls, external drainages, terraces etc., the Builder/Client shall provide unskilled labour as helpers where necessary, along with ladder and other materials in assisting the inspection team to access all areas to carry out inspection

Can we rate the Builder by your inspection results?

The Inspection report is not intended to be a general verdict on the quality of construction/reputation of the Builder.
Also the inspection and report does not cover builders design aspects of services like Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Elevators etc.,

Project Inspection

Who engages Nemmadi for Inspection of properties in a project?

It is the project owner i.e. builder /developer appoints Nemmadi

Will Nemmadi, also provide inspection service to an individual client in the same project while working for the builder?

Definitely not. While builder has engaged Nemmadi in a project, we do not provide service to individual owners in the same project as it will be conflict of interest.

When engaged by a builder, will not the inspection be biased in favour of the builder?

We are a third party providing an impartial assessment of the quality without any bias. We along with our parent company have an impeccable record of unbiased working which guards our long standing reputation in the industry.

How does inspection by Nemmadi help a builder/developer?

When appointed by the builder, we inspect from the perspective of his customer. When snags are cleared before hand over, it enhances his reputation as well as our integrity.

Will not the builder be inviting unnecessary trouble by appointing Nemmadi?

Anyway builder has to face his customers and answer difficult questions and clear the issues demanded by the customers. This transaction involves unpleasantness and may lead to, not so good experience by customers ultimately feeling dissatisfied.

Whereas by appointing Nemmadi, the issues that would be raised by the customers, will be resolved proactively. This eases the difficult process of handover and customer experience will be pleasant one thus enhancing their confidence and subsequently the brand value of the builder.

We have our own in-house Quality team. Why do we need Nemmadi?

Good news but think it over.

Being the members of same organisation and transacting with each other on many issues day in and day out, unbiased opinion of each other’s work can hardly be expected. In extreme case, collusions cannot be ruled out.

Nemmadi being an external agency, does not have any such compulsion. We follow stringent disciplinary policy, to ensure our employees work without any fear or favour./p>

How does Nemmadi deliver better than in-house Quality team?

Team Nemmadi is selected carefully and trained extensively by professionals of 30+ years of experience on variety of projects and issues. Their exposure to different projects and with use of modern equipment and gadgets, make them versatile.

How will we be charged for services by Nemmadi?

Each project is unique in nature and scope varies drastically. So the charges will be mutually agreed upon after detail study of the project and deliverables.

Does Nemmadi certify after inspection?

Yes. After first inspection a snag report will be issued. Builder has to carry out rectifications and offer for re-inspection. Nemmadi will inspect again to verify the status and certify only after the standards are met to their satisfaction.

Legal FAQ's

How will the inspection be carried out?

NEMMADI.IN shall use sound and professional principles and practices for the performance of the Services and shall reflect NEMMADI.IN’s knowledge, skill and judgment.

NEMMADI.IN shall communicate to the CLIENT all observations made and data obtained by us in the course of our affiliation with the CLIENT.

How do I authorize “Nemmadi” to inspect?

The CLIENT shall formally introduce NEMMADI.IN to the developer/builder as his authorized representative to carry out the inspection of the Premises and that the builder/developer shall offer all assistance and information to NEMMADI.IN to carry out its services effectively. If client cannot come personally, an authorization letter/mail shall be given in the format shared.

The CLIENT shall ensure that NEMMADI.IN and its representatives shall have unhindered access to premises for inspecting.

What are the limitations of liability?

NEMMADI.IN and the CLIENT shall hold each other saved harmless and indemnified from any loss, claim, awards of damages, suit, litigation, demands arising out of

  • breach of this Agreement or
  • misrepresentation

Further the CLIENT shall keep the NEMMADI.IN saved harmless and indemnified from all costs and consequences suffered by NEMMADI.IN for performance of the Services as per the terms of this Agreement.

Notwithstanding anything stated the maximum liability of NEMMADI.IN relating to Services shall in no event exceed 10% of the total fee to be paid pursuant to the Agreement.

Who will have sole rights /ownership of the report?

The inspection and report thereof are for the use of CLIENT only. NEMMADI.IN shall be the sole owner of the report and all rights to it. The CLIENT will have no automatic right to use the report as evidence or in whatsoever manner in any litigation between him and the builder/developer or any other party. CLIENT may use the report in litigations described above only on express written permission of the NEMMADI.IN, on having agreed to bear all the incidental expenses and compensation for the time spent by the Nemmadi.in in this regard.

Is there any guarantee after the inspection and reporting?

NEMMADI.IN’s inspection of the Premises and the report thereof are in no way a guarantee or warranty either express or implied, regarding the future use, operability, habitability or suitability of the home/building or its components. The guarantee or warranty is deemed vested with the builder/developer from whom the CLIENT is acquiring the Premises.

What are the liabilities of nemmadi.in post inspection?

NEMMADI.IN will carry out the inspection in good faith of readily and easily accessible areas for apparent defect and assumes no liability for cost of repair and replacement of unreported defects and deficiencies either current or arising in the future as concealed or latent defects. CLIENT acknowledges that the liability of the NEMMADI.IN, its agents and/or employees, for claims or damages, costs of defense of suit, legal fees and expenses arising out of or related to the NEMMADI.IN’s negligence or breach of any obligation under this Agreement including errors or omissions in the inspection or the report, shall be limited to liquidated damages of maximum 10% of the fee paid and this liability shall be exclusive.

What is the legal jurisdiction for this inspection contract?

The Parties agree that any litigation that arises out of this Agreement shall be filed only in the courts in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Is this inspection contract transferrable?

This Agreement is neither transferable nor assignable.


Is this only an inspection software?


Experiencing the versatility and flexibility of this platform we adapted it successfully with all the advantages listed below, for use in:

  • Visual progress reporting

  • Random site inspection (walk through) reporting

  • Incoming material inspection reporting

  • Site safety audit reporting and many more

Initially we developed this software for our inspection work, to address issues of:

  • Time saving

  • Mistake proofing

  • Quick report generation

  • Ease of sharing the report and

  • Finally cost saving in the entire process.

Does it come with a pre-loaded checklist?

There will not any checklist pre-loaded. You can upload any checklist and it works fine with it.

Is there any specific format for the checklist to be used?

Any checklist can be used provided such that a checklist line item has to cover only one question requiring an answer in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. In the traditional checklist if it addresses two points in the same line item, then they have to be split into two checklist line items

How does the App help achieve process compliance?

As the checklist is run on android app in the mobile phone, there is no possibility of /or scope for skipping any point thus ensuring compliance. 

How do we start using this system?

Once you subscribe, there will be training on how to operate and make best use of the system. At the end you will be confident to use it on your own. 

Can this system be customised to our organisation’s working?

Yes it can be customised. There will be a customisation fee depending on the level of customisation in addition to the regular subscription fee.

How do we share the generated report to the stake holders?

There is no need to share the report for the stake holders in the system. They can view the report by using the login credentials given to them. For those on outside the system, a pdf file can be generated by single click and shared by email.

Do we need internet connectivity all the time to use this system?

Internet connectivity is required once before start of the inspection/information capturing process and one more time to upload the captured information. In between during the whole process internet connectivity is not required and will be done offline.

Can every one with login credential operate all parts of system like upload, edit etc.

Each user credential comes with different permission levels as required by the organization. Thus there will be access control on who could view, who could upload and who could modify the data. This will be decided by the subscriber based on their organisational structure and business requirement.

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