Are you paying more than your carpet area is?

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Area as defined by RERA

Carpet Area, if you think about it, is the most expensive unit of your apartment or villa purchase.  Many of us either, don’t know how or what are the ways to be aware of your home dimensions.  Many of us are as usual confused by what the builders or developers have to say about area

  • Super built-up area
  • Built-up area
  • Salable area
  • Carpet area
  • etc.

which of these is what we need?

Carpet Area

Thank fully, RERA has come to the rescue of the common-man, the authority has now defined clearly what is carpet area and how it needs to be measured.  To ensure that home owners are in the know we have been publishing some blog posts too.  The most important fact is that while conducting Home Inspection by Nemmadi, you will be shown not only where there are small or major issues with your home but also what the Area of your home is as prescribed by RERA – this is a major value add.

RERA definition of Area

Carpet Area defined by RERA

To help us understand RERA Area

External Walls of an apartment


Internal Walls of an apartment


Open Terrace and Service Area of an apartment


Balconies and Verandah of an apartment


Carpet Area of an apartment


All the details of an apartment


What Nemmadi does for the Customer during Home Inspection

As a home buyer who may not know the nitty-gritty of Civil Engineering or have the time to take over a home, Nemmadi will help them “get what they were promised & pay for what they get

Please watch this video to understand how…

There are also a series of videos to help you understand more…


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